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Investing in Residential Property Versus Commercial Property


There are substantial differences between investing in residential and commercial property, but it is a good idea to have a mix of both as you grow your property portfolio.  

Residential properties are the ones which are mainly for people to live in and commercial properties are the ones which are intended for businesses to operate from. Though these two are totally different kinds of properties, determining the affordability is important for both of these types.

It is important for you to ask yourself and maybe a financial consultant “I want to buy a new house how much can I afford” in order to decide on your affordability.

Buying Investment Property in Logan City


Warning: I may be biased towards Logan, as it was where I grew up!

Logan City is located directly in between Brisbane (to the North) and the Gold Coast bordering its southern end.  Whilst Brisbane and the Gold Coast receive most of the attention when it comes to property in Queensland, Logan has sat quietly delivering outstanding capital growth in the past 10 years.

5 Property Investment Mistakes to Avoid


It can be easy to follow misinformation and rumours when it comes to real estate investing.  You have to find information that suits your needs and sounds intuitively correct to you.  The aim is to avoid mistakes, but sometimes making a mistake is necessary in order to learn the lesson.

Here are some mistakes that I’ve learned from, or seen others make.  Now that you understand them, make sure you don’t make them too!