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5 Reasons to Invest in the Australian Property Market


If you spend some time looking at the last 30 years of direct property investment, you will see that it has been overall a highly successful activity.

Certainly, for anyone seeking a comfortable retirement lifestyle, it is a sensible decision as excellent returns can be had and within a reasonable duration. Investing in Australian property in particular comes with certain advantages.

5 Property Investment Mistakes to Avoid


It can be easy to follow misinformation and rumours when it comes to real estate investing.  You have to find information that suits your needs and sounds intuitively correct to you.  The aim is to avoid mistakes, but sometimes making a mistake is necessary in order to learn the lesson.

Here are some mistakes that I’ve learned from, or seen others make.  Now that you understand them, make sure you don’t make them too!

Using a Buyer’s Agent


In the real estate world, there seems to be a never ending list of brokers and agents that can help you out with the buying and selling of property.  It is very common to use a real estate agent to help you sell a property but what about when you are buying?

At first, it might seem a little crazy to hire someone to purchase a property for you, especially if you are paying them a fee or commission.

But can a buyer’s agent add value to your purchase?

How to Obtain Quality Tenants


If you self-manage your investment property, then it is up to you to advertise for new tenants before your property becomes vacant.

Even if you do use a property manager, you may have some say in the tenants that are allowed to rent your property.

A lot of people fear owning an investment property and getting bad tenants.

They are out there and a bad tenant can fall behind on rent, cause damage or just be generally uncooperative with the landlord or property manager.

Building an Investment Property Portfolio


The whole idea around investing in property is to build long term wealth for yourself and your family, but what does this really involve?

Buying just one investment property and holding onto it until retirement won’t make you rich.  If it performs well, it will definitely be a nice asset to have with substantial equity and a small income stream to help out, but if it does not perform well you are left with an underperforming asset.

Managing Risk with Investment Property


Owning an investment property comes with certain responsibilities with the primary responsibility being to ensure that your tenant is living in a legally safe premise.  Secondly, you need to make sure that you are protected from the tenant and that your property is protected from disasters.

Even if you already own one or multiple investment properties, it’s a good idea to review the potential risks occasionally to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident or disaster.

Property Investment Tips

Free property investing tips

When it comes to investing in property, there is alot of information out there.  Some of it is quite expensive too.

Hey, I’m Darren and I am passionate about investing in property.  I created this site to share my experience, ideas and opinions with you.  I aim to give you free, relevant and useful tips that you can apply to building your property portfolio.

I don’t claim to be a property investment expert but I do know a thing or two, having 8+ years experience, and I am keen on learning more myself to further my own property portfolio.  So feel free to comment on my posts and challenge me!