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Top Property Investing Forums


This website is just one small resource available to the thousands of property investors out there.  However, if you get stuck or want to ask questions, then using one of the many property forums out there can help you out.

Why Join a Forum?

Well for one thing, since it is mostly anonymous, you need not feel embarrassed or hesitant at asking any question you like.

Participating in an online forum puts you on a level playing field with many experts in the industry and allows you to get quick answers for issues that you are having in your investing career.

Review of “Massive Passive Income from Property Investing”


This is an ebook, written by Keith Mason that teaches how to use wraps and vendor finance to purchase investment properties to generate significant positive cash flow.

Although I’ve heard of this strategy before, I’ve never implemented it myself, but it definitely is a very legitimate way of getting more income from your investment.