Energy-Efficient Investments are Hot Property


If you are just considering investing or are already a seasoned property investor, improving the energy efficiency of your buildings can lead to benefits in the long-term according to the property news experts at Zoopla.

Let’s face it, the world is going green, but can you get a better return on your real estate investment by improving energy efficiency?

Make Your Investment Property More Efficient?

As the nation’s housing stock ages with little in the way of new construction, retrofits are the best way to add value to your property. Many areas are experiencing a boom in efficiency retrofits in an attempt to attract discerning tenants.

For example, the Empire State Building in New York City is currently undergoing extensive renovations to improve energy efficiency – when finished it will be one of the most eco-friendly office buildings in the US. This high-profile project is attracting tenants who hope to save money on bills in the long run.

A UK-based property finder reports that British property prices are predicted to rise nearly 4 per cent by October, 2012 (5.5 per cent in London). Now is the best time to put a little time and money into your properties in order to yield the best return after prices go up.

Saving Money

As extreme weather batters the UK, recent droughts and unseasonably cold temperatures show the money-saving benefits of efficiency for tenants – efficient shower and toilet fittings lead to less water use, and good insulation and high-performance timber doors and windows mean that tenants can continue to use central heating into the late spring without worrying about spiralling gas and energy costs.

Likewise with heat waves, meaning tenants can enjoy a more comfortably cooled home or office without breaking the bank.

Zoopla interviewed Mike Shufflebotham, sales manager at Green Building Store, who reports booming sales of water-saving devices and heat recovery ventilation in addition to doors and windows which reduce air leaks. Pike Research consultancy reports that the worldwide market for energy efficiency will increase more than 50 per cent between 2011 and 2017, reaching $103.5 bn.

9 Responses to Energy-Efficient Investments are Hot Property

  1. Teyona says:

    I also like energy-efficient home which is very innovative and just in right timing because of global warming. This kind of idea can definitely help the Earth. Thanks
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  2. Wish all new buildings were based on eco-friendly and energy saving projects but most people like to spend less and never think at the efficiency and the money this could save on long term…

  3. More home buyers and real estate investors are turning to energy-efficient investments or property. Because aside from the fact that green industry is booming these days, green homes are also less costly to maintain.

  4. And besides that you also have to think about the environment. This is a benefit to individual and global level. There should be more housing projects like this

  5. Energy effectiveness is becoming a more and more hot topic for the landlords. Some simple things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your investment property management are as follow:
    •Replace your old windows with double pane windows. So that more heat can come inside your home so you use less energy.
    •You should replace your air-conditioner and heat pump.
    •Fix the leaky hot taps as a drip a second can add $30 a year to the electricity bill.
    •A good landscaping add value to a property.

  6. Real estate business is good to invest your capital, you can make a huge profit here on a small investment.

  7. Angel says:

    Energy efficiency housing is becoming a bit of a must with rising prices of electricity, water and everything else here in Australia.

    New homes now need to have minimum 6* energy efficiency where I live (Canberra, Australia).

    Our new home, aside from the mandatory 6* has extra green aspects like LED lights through out (expensive but uses a fraction of electricity), rain water tank connected to flushing toilets, laundry, water the garden etc, natural gas heading, environmental friendly carpets etc.

    We’ve been thinking about solar panels on the roof but it’s still a little expensive atm.

  8. Home buyers are now turning to more energy-efficient homes because aside from the fact that they help preserve the environment, energy efficient homes also allow them to save a huge portion of their budget.

  9. People are now after energy-efficiency. Having an energy efficient home is not costly to maintain. Moreover,homes like these are good for the environment. And innovation such as solar power makes your household less dependent to oil as source of energy.
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