Review of “Massive Passive Income from Property Investing”


This is an ebook, written by Keith Mason that teaches how to use wraps and vendor finance to purchase investment properties to generate significant positive cash flow.

Although I’ve heard of this strategy before, I’ve never implemented it myself, but it definitely is a very legitimate way of getting more income from your investment.

The author discusses just about everything you need to do to implement this type of investment strategy, covering areas such as:

–          Why cash flow is King

–          What to do if you have no cash for a deposit

–          Finding suitable properties

–          Buying foreclosures or repossessions

–          Investing with no money down

–          Joint Ventures

–          Financing and working out the numbers

–          Protecting your assets

–          And putting it all together

The book is not long, being only 40 pages but that is an advantage because I personally get annoyed by ebooks that are hundreds of pages long but take forever to get to the point!  Besides, those books often use a larger font and use a new paragraph for every second sentence so they can be quite spaced out.

The purchase of this ebook came with 3 bonuses as well which are definitely worth a read.  They are also ebooks entitled “101 Tips for Selling Your Home Yourself”, “Residual Income Through Real Estate” and “The Insider’s Guide to Selling Real Estate”.

This book is an easy read and I felt a connection with the author as he reveals quite a bit about himself and his background.  There are few grammatical and spelling errors and overall this is a great book for learning about this creative way to build wealth and income with investment property.

You can read more here.



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