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Buying Investment Property Interstate


It is common for the average investor to want to buy an investment property not too far from where they live.  There are many reasons for this, one being convenience and another being a sense of security of being able to drive past their investment now and then.

That’s not a bad thing and I’ve certainly done this myself.

But just because you may have more knowledge of your local market, does not mean it’s a good place to invest.  Just because you want to (or need to) live in that area that does not mean other people want to as well.

How to Choose a Good Location for Your Investment Property


Most of us have heard the old adage “location, location, location” when it comes to buying a good property that will grow well over time…but it’s a bit vague to base your investment strategy around this saying.

They are right in saying that the location is probably the most important factor, although you do have to buy the right type of property for that location and also the right property for your own portfolio.

But for now, let’s concentrate on why location is so important.