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This website is just one small resource available to the thousands of property investors out there.  However, if you get stuck or want to ask questions, then using one of the many property forums out there can help you out.

Why Join a Forum?

Well for one thing, since it is mostly anonymous, you need not feel embarrassed or hesitant at asking any question you like.

Participating in an online forum puts you on a level playing field with many experts in the industry and allows you to get quick answers for issues that you are having in your investing career.

Plus you can also help others with issues you’ve already faced yourself to help give back to a community.

Forum Rules

If you do decide to participate in a forum, it is essential that you understand the rules of the forum so that you do not get banned or upset the existing membership.

It’s a matter of etiquette and if you log in and start insulting people or providing unproven information, you will know about it pretty quickly.

It’s like if you are attending a party and you roll up all loud and obnoxious, people are not going to warm to you as much as if you walk in and politely introduce yourself and show a bit of respect to the hosts.

Top Forums List (USA)


Number of Members: 43,000+

Probably the largest real estate investment forum on the web.

Discussion topics include Bird Dogs, Wholesaling, Flipping, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Tax Liens and Lease Options to name a few.


Property Investing .com (Australia)


Number of Members: Unknown

PropertyInvesting is run by Steve McKnight, author of a number of popular books for real estate investors.  This is a very active community with thousands of topics and tens of thousands of posts mostly centred around the Australian property market.


Real Estate Talks (USA & Canada)


Number of Members: 18,000+

This is a general real estate discussion forum covering all states and provinces of Canada and the USA.  With over 186,000 posts in 45,000 topics this forum is sure to provide some valuable insight for North American property investors.


Somersoft .com (Australia)


Number of Members: 10,000+

This forum is an extension of the Somersoft publishing business which is run by Jan and Ian Somers.  Jan has authored multiple books on property investment over the years and this forum is very active as well around the Australian property market.


Landlord Zone (UK)


Number of Members: 31,000+

This is one of the largest UK property investment forums and covers topics such as Residential Letting, Planning and Development, Tax Questions, Insurance and Finance.  There is also a separate category for Scottish rental and legal discussions.


Real Estate Forum (USA)


Number of Members: 35,000+

This forum is geared more towards real estate agents and businesses, however it does have an active real estate investment category.  Discussion categories include:  The Real Estate Community, Real Estate Webmasters,  Financial Issues and International Real Estate (including Africa, Asia and Europe).


Property Talk (NZ)


Number of Members:  11,000

Property Talk is New Zealands largest real estate investment forum with over 25,000 threads and 240,000 posts it is packed full of investing information for those in the land of the long white cloud.  Although it is most popular with New Zealand property discussions, there are active categories for property investing in Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, USA and Europe.


8 Responses to Top Property Investing Forums

  1. Rental Homes says:

    Hey thanks for sharing such an useful list of forums. Forums are the best way for networking with people of same industry. I personally using forums to learn more new things related to my industry and it really helps a lot. Good blog post. It is informative.

  2. This is the most complete list of real estate forums that I could find online. Thanks!

  3. Forums are a great way to learn new info in your industry and to share information with others. Because of my business, I spend a great deal of time on the Real Estate Forum listed above… after all, thats where I get a lot of my leads.

  4. custom items says:

    These are great forums to help you with your questions on property investment, etc. You can ask advice from experienced people on the matter.

  5. Many people now a days rely in forum. They could get a lot of valuable information and tips with the products, unit and properties you want to buy. A lot of great ideas mention in forum.

  6. Great post! Forums like these are critical in keeping professionals in our industry up to date. Keep up the good work!

  7. Forums are great, especially for those new to the industry. You can discuss any questions you might have with professionals who have been in the game decades.

  8. yeah, you are’s easy to promote the real estate website through the Forums mentioned above, Nowadays all the real estate builder have their own forum.

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